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Climate Change Checklist

In a slightly different style to my usual posts, I wanted to share a list of ways in which you can ensure that you are doing your part to safeguard the planet for the near future.

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How Have You Destroyed The Planet Today?

Even before we wake up, each and every one of us is responsible for causing a little more environmental destruction each moment that passes. Whether it’s the heating system kicking on so you’re comfortable when you finally summon up that energy to roll back the duvet, the bacon that’s sitting in your fridge ready for breakfast, or even the phone sitting by your bed primed to ring that dreaded alarm so that you’re not late for work; everything that we do, or use, or create, has an impact on the environment that is rapidly killing this planet.

There is no magic cure, or perfect solution. Simply by living in our complex and advanced societies, we will affect the world around us; however the question is – what can we do to live sustainably?

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The Economics of Eating Healthy

In a slight deviation from all things Brexit related (partly because it’s impossible to perform any rational analysis of the current situation, but mostly because I simply can’t take it anymore) an Instagram post caught my attention recently, where a young photography graduate had published a project she had undertaken to open random lunchboxes in a school (presumably with permission) and photograph the contents. The purpose was to provide a cross section of the sorts of things that parents are sending their children to school with, and along with it, she provided a commentary indicating her view that it was far cheaper, in terms of calorific value, to buy unhealthy food than to provide healthy food choices.

This is a view I’ve often heard from people, referenced in the media, and even informing government policy. Efforts by the government to police our eating choices through the sugar tax, conversation on portion control in restaurants and other initiatives, seem to indicate that this is a mindset taken seriously at all levels within our institutions.

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