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Airbnb: The Death of a City

Airbnb keysafes in Edinburgh

I write this post fully cognisant of my hypocrisy, having made use of the short term holiday letting platform Airbnb, among others, in the past. Indeed, Airbnb is not the only offender, but it is by far the largest and most successful, and therefore the most disruptive. Since I became more actively involved in local politics however, I have become acutely aware of the damage that the surge in popularity of Airbnb style lettings is doing to our inner cities; and the increasing social inequality that it is driving.

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Brexit: Endgame

As I write this there are fewer than 40 working days until the UK is scheduled to crash out of the EU; and the House of Commons has fewer than 32 days to meet and agree on the next steps.

It has been a long time since my previous blog post; mainly because – well: life – but also an overwhelming frustration with the state of politics in the UK and around the world and the sense of an inevitability about how this whole debacle will unfold.

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